Things You Must Know Before You Outsource SEO

Every business owner wants to increase organic traffic. But many companies do not have an in-house SEO department nor can afford one. In such circumstances, they have an option of outsourcing their SEO initiatives. If you plan to hire a Sugar Land SEO company, here is the list of things you must know.

What Kind of SEO Tactics Does the Agency Use?

No matter which agency you choose, make sure you know the type of SEO tactics they use. There are two types of SEO practices – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White hat SEO tactics respect the terms of services laid by the search engines while black hat SEO tactics are exactly the opposite.

Some rogue SEO agencies use black hat tactics to get faster results for their clients. They use link schemes, content automation, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects that are considered malpractices to get higher SERP rankings.

Before you choose an SEO partner, make sure the company only uses white SEO tactics. Though it may take time to see positive results, you can rest assured your website will not be penalized by search engines.

How Long They Have Been in the SEO Business and Can They Share Success Stories?

Anyone can open a company offering SEO in Sugar Land and claim to be an SEO expert. Experience plays an important role in SEO. It ensures the firm knows the search engine algorithms change from time to time and they have to tweak their SEO tactics to get positive results. It is hard for anyone to implement an SEO strategy and gain mastery over it at the same time.

In SEO, things that worked for other clients may not work for you. Hence, you need to look for an experienced SEO company that has helped companies in your sector achieve online success. A reputable SEO company would not shy away from sharing their success stories to win new clients.

How Does the SEO Company Measure the Success of SEO Campaigns?

When you hire an agency, you pay them a specific amount for providing SEO services. Like any other investment, you would like to know whether your company is getting a return on investment in some form. Hence, you need to ask your SEO partner ways and tools they use to measure the success of the SEO campaign.

Some SEO agencies tell their clients- first their website ranked 50th on SERP and now their website ranks 2nd or 3rd on SERP. But that’s not the right way to measure the success of SEO campaigns. You need some cold hard data to measure the success of SEO strategies.

Some of the ways to measure SEO success is measuring the improvement in keyword rankings. When your website starts to rank for more keywords, it means your long tail traffic is improving. Similarly, the agency should also be able to track the effectiveness of link building strategies. In simple words, the SEO company should be aware of advanced analytics tools to measure different KPIs.

 How Would the Agency Communicate and How Often?

Communication plays an important role in the success of any partnerships and SEO partnership is no different. Before finalizing an SEO partner, you need to find the communication model followed by the SEO agency with their clients.

Some SEO agencies allocate a Project manager for the client who provides updates and shares progress and reports with clients. Some SEO agencies provide weekly or monthly SEO progress report that helps clients visualize the outcome of SEO strategies.

Will the Agency Create an Initial Report of the Client’s Website to Analyze the Strengths and Weaknesses?

A good agency will start the groundwork by creating an initial report on the client’s website before developing an SEO strategy. If any agency wants to omit this part, it might not have the knowledge and SEO expertise to achieve success for your website.

These are some of the things you should know before hiring a company offering SEO in Sugar Land. If any company hesitates or does not provide satisfactory answers to the above mentioned, consider it as a red flag and look for another agency. Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to comment.

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